Pakistan UCL Autism Network

Aims & objectives

The network aims to create a forum to promote a genuine two-way communication channel between individuals at UCL and researchers, parents and practitioners in Pakistan. We hope to achieve this aim by creating opportunities to disseminate and discuss, research findings from the UK and Pakistan, to exchange information regarding services and the latest advances in interventions.


Moreover, it allows the opportunity for patient and public involvement (PPI) prior to initiating a research project, to ensure that conversations and research are headed in the right direction. The network also aims to facilitate collaborative links between scientists and clinicians in Pakistan and the UK, interested in the study of autism. Through close collaboration and sharing of complementary expertise, we hope to gain a deeper insight into ground-breaking research and seek to fulfil our joint ambition to address some of the biggest challenges facing the autism community today.


Current Research

We are currently working on a pilot research study which investigates cross-cultural differences in how autistic children understand others. This study is funded by UCL’s Global Engagement Fund. Please get in touch to find additional information about this.


Become a member

This network is aimed at Pakistani individuals who are autistic, are family members/carers of an autistic person, teachers, professionals and volunteers who are working in the field of autism or those who are interested in becoming a part of this field. We also welcome individuals based at UCL who are involved in the field of autism in the form or research or clinical practice.

Registration is free of cost, please fill this form and we will send you an email with confirmation of your membership.


  • Ad-hoc meetings to discuss experiences, research and therapies

  • Bi-annual newsletter


  • Dr Sarah White (Developmental Diversity Lab at UCL, UK)

  • Anushay Mazhar (MRes student at UCL, UK; Resources For Neurodiversity, Pakistan)