We recognise that psychologists provide the comprehensive support and training necessary for creating a nurturing environment to help others navigate through any mental health difficulties. Without the invaluable input of therapists all over Pakistan, we would not be able to reach our primary goal of developing a directory of resources for different psychological conditions. This can be achieved by completing our directory form, which takes less than 5 minutes.

As a therapist, you can further provide support and train our team by organising workshops or having live sessions that aim to shed light issues that affect the mental health field in Pakistan. We have previously worked with Sprout Centre, who organised 3 extensive training sessions for our team that were conducted via. 


We invite researchers from psychology and other related fields, who are interested in cultural differences, to contribute to our research. This can be done by mentoring our research team, or working in collaboration with us to recruit a sample of participants in from a developing country.