As outlined in our aims, we are eager to collaborate with organisations and individuals on projects that would provide support to children with psychological conditions and remove mental health stigma. Collaborations could be in the form of an interview, a workshop, a video feature, etc. To find out more about these opportunities, please get in touch with us. 

Although limited in number, therapists all over Pakistan are integral to this field and are in a prime position to help those experiencing mental health difficulties. However parents often experience difficulty in connecting to appropriate therapists. For this reason, we encourage therapists to contribute to our directory of resources. This way, parents have a one-stop resource to turn to when in need. To become part of our directory, please complete the form below, which takes less than 5 minutes.

We invite researchers from psychology and other related fields, who are interested in cultural differences, to contribute to our research. This can be done by mentoring our research team, or working in collaboration with us to recruit a sample of participants from Pakistan. All relevant contributions would be acknowledged in any research publications

As a therapist, you can further provide support and train our team by organising workshops or having live sessions that aim to shed light issues that affect the mental health field in Pakistan. We have previously worked with Sprout Centre, who organised 3 extensive training sessions for our team that were conducted via. zoom.