Within Pakistan, the concept of neurodiversity arguably lays dormant as the number of children with autism within Pakistan is alarmingly still unknown. At RFN, we aim to call attention to a large number of cases of various psychological conditions children are left to face without any support or diagnosis. We believe that through educating others on these matters and using our directory to bridge parents and children with psychiatric assistance, we can make a meaningful difference. 

Direct Donations

We accept donations via. Paypal using the button below.

Feel free to get in touch with us for additional for details. 

Shop for a cause 

RFN is excited to announce collaborations with several small businesses to help support our cause. Click the link below to shop for authentic and limited edition products, where 100% of the proceeds go towards supporting our organisation. 

We are also accepting funds in the form of a one-off donation or a monthly pledge through bank transfer or Easypaisa for Pakistani nationals. Fill in the form above so we can send you more details! 

funds will be used for:

1. Our Research

We believe that our work should be based on extensive research and are currently working on developing research studies of publishable standards. You can make a striking difference to our cause and help us reach this goal by funding our research. Your funds would go towards paying participants for their time, ensuring a large group of participants. 

2. Sponsoring children

Studies show that early intervention for children with psychological conditions helps empower and integrate them into society better. However, there are frequent cases of delayed support as the parents may not have the means to fund the therapy. With your contribution, you can sponsor a child to prevent this issue and provide some ease to their and their family's lives. 

3.Our social media campaigns

As an organisation aiming to raise awareness of mental health diversity and stigma, we face many avenues where we could promote our cause. Social media is arguably amongst the most efficient ways to reach people from all over Pakistan, especially those who experience difficulty in accessing help through other means. With your funds, we would be able to reach as many people as possible and connect parents to our services more efficiently. 

4. Team training 

At RFN, we value the importance of gaining as much knowledge and training as possible to help us promote our message ethically and appropriately. We believe training to be a vital part of an organisation's long term growth and success, and recognise the potential in collaborating with other more experienced organisations and participating in training workshops to benefit our organisation long term. 

5. Expanding our team

We currently maintain a small team of dedicated individuals working on this cause and we are eager to welcome all who are looking to combat mental health stigma within Pakistan. Full-time job roles such as graphic designers, content creators, writers etc. are vital to the organisation's impact and success. Most importantly, we believe that it is essential to recognise hard work and would ideally wish to compensate people devoting their time and effort to this cause. 

6. Other expenses 

To keep our organisation functioning smoothly, our team works on numerous tasks behind the scenes which require investments and funding. Fundamental requirements such as funds for ensuring a growing influence for our website, investing in a protected digital workspace and registering the organisation are just a few of many needed. Hence, your contribution would go a long way into successfully launching our organisation and making it last.